Meditation Is A Self-Destructive Process

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“If it can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth.” Carl Sagan

When I surveyed over 10,000 people about meditation, I discovered that most people believe they failed at meditation when they tried it, because they couldn’t ‘turn off their mind for that long’…

I find this really fascinating because it shows me that many people are operating under the misconception that somewhere, deep inside the mind, is a ‘still place’ that you have to search and find.

And if you cannot find this still place, then you have failed at meditation.

The funny thing is, though, that the moment you begin to search for this still place, you have already failed.

That’s because in order to find it, you must do nothing at all.

Stillness is your natural state.

Life is the disturbance.

This is a huge shift you have to make in order to understand the truth about meditation, which is that…

Meditation is fundamentally a self-destructive process.

By self-destructive I mean identity dissolving.

You see, the things that make you, you…

Like how old you are, your height, weight, hobbies, loves, hates, thoughts and feelings…

Are merely the things that keep your mind busy as it references them to the experiences of your day-to-day. These things exist to help you form your beliefs about who you are, what the world is, and how you fit into it.

But all of this is merely static.

If you really want to find the still place within your mind, you must approach your meditation as a machete cutting away at all that is separating you from your natural, still state.

Except, to get to this stillness within, you aren’t actually going to cut anything.

You don’t need to try to turn your mind off, that’s purely counterproductive. Like trying to think about not thinking – it just doesn’t work.

Instead, you have to approach every thought and barrier between you and the stillness within, with the secret weapon of the meditator: non-reactivity.

Each doubt you face along the way…

“I can’t turn my mind off.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing. This is a waste of time.”

Must be cut away.

Every thought, positive and negative, must be let go.

And when you finally choose to let them go, you will easily and effortlessly fall into that still place within. Simple as that. If you have any doubts, just approach them with the fierce grace of non-reactivity, and they will slowly slip away.

By practicing this method of meditative self-destruction, you will be able see clearly as the observer within, peeling back your thoughts and the beliefs that form them, like an onion, discovering the stillness within.

Which is the sought after, that requires no seeking.

The paradox of finding, by doing nothing at all.

The treasure, beyond thought.

However, if you find this type of thinking (or non-thinking) to be a struggle, then I recommend taking up a mindfulness practice. It is a beautiful way to develop this fierce grace in your life, and you can learn it easily in my book, “5-Minute Meditation.”

An easy way to get started is by signing up for my inner-circle today, by using the form in the side-bar of this page you can get the first chapter free.

So, you can begin this process of radical self-destruction and find your still place today.



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